Dr. Patrick Ryan

Discussion Instructions - CSI 3360f/g

Because 15% of your mark is based on weekly prepared attendance and discussion participation, it is only fair to offer to you clear terms for this assessment.  Half of it will rest on direct observation of the quality of your effort in class; the other half will rest with the completion of preparatory exercises on OWL prior to class each week. 

How will 'engagement' with our discussion be evaluated?

1) Read and complete the exercises in advance and bring your readings and homework with you to class.

2) Actively participate in the discussions and lectures.  Ask questions, connect ideas, respond to each other.  Reference the readings.

3) Strong classroom participants combine wit, insight, and critical thought.  Their comments and questions display a comprehension and careful handling of the readings; some knowledge of the issues being discussed; the ability to consider the assumptions of an argument; the ability to consider the implications of an argument.

What are the weekly exercises and why are we doing them?

1) We will work through and discuss these questions and you'll have a chance to pose your own. 

2) Weekly homework (like all training) will help you stay connected to the course, digest challenging ideas, and to strengthen your mind day by day.

The preparatory exercises should be submitted through OWL.  Please do not send them to me via email.