Dr. Patrick Ryan

Discussion Instructions

One-fifth (20%) of your course mark is based on my evaluation of your weekly, prepared participation.  Half of this will rest on direct observation of the quality of your effort in class; the other half will rest with the completion of preparatory exercises on OWL prior to class each week. 

How will 'engagement' with our discussion be evaluated?

1) Prepare - read in advance, have your texts with you, complete the exercises (see below) before discussion.

2) Actively participate in the discussions and lectures.  Ask questions, connect ideas, respond to each other. 

3) Strong classroom participants combine wit, insight, and critical thought.  It’s not all volume; quality matters.

What are the weekly exercises and why are we doing them?

1) Sometime prior to each seminar submit through OWL, answers to four discussion questions about the readings.  These questions are provided under "weekly exercises" through this course website.

2) We will work through and discuss these questions in seminar each week, so they have to be completed prior to our meeting and you'll need both your answers and the readings for that week with you.

4) I hope the exercises will have positive consequences:

           a) They will prompt you to read and prepare.  This might enable us to have meaningful discussions of the readings, and extend the frontier of your thoughts and sensibilities.

           b) They will advance your learning and put you in a better position to write successful essays. 

The preparatory exercises should be submitted through OWL.  Please do not send them via email.