Dr. Patrick Ryan

3393A - Discussion Guidelines

Marking in this course is based on two things:  participation & journal writing.

Below are comments about discussion, but all of you have worked with me before.  My expectations about what constitutes prepared discussion is the same in this seminar.

Strong Participants wanted:

One side of the academic portion of this seminar takes place in the quiet space of reading and journal writing, but the social part is about being able to speak and think analytically in a group.  To fully participant in the site visits - be good hosts and guests.

What do strong participants do?

1) Come to discussion and site-visits prepared.  Read, Observe, Bring Questions, Ask them, Respond to Others.


2) Laugh, smile, relax... this is not a test...


3) Strong participants combine wit, insight, and critical thought.  They display:
            a) a comprehension and careful handling of what they read, see, and hear.
            b) some knowledge of the issues at hand
            c) the ability to reflect upon assumptions, representations, actions, and arguments