Dr. Patrick Ryan

3393A - Journal Assignment

The England-Canada Childhood seminar journal is a set of reflexive and analytic entries that you'll write in response to the site visits, associated readings, presentations, and follow-up discussions. 

The journal can be hand-written - so long as I can read it.  Here are some details.

1) Each journal entry should be dated.  These should be composed throughout the course, not thrown together at the end.

2) I'd like one 'reflection' written for each seminar day in both Canada and England.  Approximately 8 to 10 entries of approximately 300 words. 

3) In addition to the reflection entries, I'd like your journal to include at least 2 questions prepared prior to the discussion sessions.  So in Canada, we will have four discussion periods... bring to each of these 2 questions, written in your journals.