Dr. Patrick Ryan

Discussion - 3395A

For the Canadian students, marking in this course is based on two things:  engagement with the exchange (in discussion, lecture, and socially) and the completion of daily exercises associated with the readings. 

What is "engagement" for an exchange seminar?

1) Prepare - read in advance, have your texts with you, complete the exercises before discussion.

2) Actively participate in the discussions and lectures. 

3) Strong classroom participants combine wit, insight, and critical thought.  Their comments and questions display: 
            a) a comprehension and careful handling of the readings 
            b) some knowledge of the issues being discussed 
            c) the ability to consider the assumptions of an argument
            d) the ability to consider the implications of an argument  

4) Communicate and make plans effectively with the other students and the instructors.

5) Laugh, smile, relax, and get to know your fellow students from Sweden.  Participate in activities outside of the curriculum.