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COURSE DESCRIPTION: An exploration of legal culture and institutions that structured the rise of capitalism. Students will examine the fundamentals of law that arose within market society.

Prerequisite(s): 1.0 course at 2200 level or above.

READINGS: (available at The Bookstore at Western)

J.H. Baker, An Introduction to English Legal History, fourth edition (Markham, ON: Butterworth'sCanada, Ltd., 2002).

Additional readings will be made available online or will be chosen by the students.


Discussion Participation

25% (every week)

First Quiz

10 % (Oct 4)

Second Quiz 15 % (Nov. 8)

Legal Analysis Paper (7-9 pages)

50 % (Dec. 13)


Students are expected to schedule appointments and other responsibilities around class time.  To be excused from discussion participation due to temporary illness or one-time unavoidable scheduling conflict, contact me directly via email. 

Please do not use email to engage me in substantive conversation, to review course material, or to pose open-ended questions.  I am happy to speak with students face-to-face or immediately after class.

If health issues are prolonged, or to request more extensive academic accommodation, you must meet with me in person and provide documentation to the Dean's Office.  If you seek more extensive forms of accommodation, I ask that you deal directly with me in-person as is appropriate.  I am available almost every working day on campus and will make an appointment to meet with you.

Penalties for late papers may be avoided if extensions are requested in advance.  Otherwise, a two-mark deduction will be taken for each of the first three days late, and a 5-mark deduction for each day thereafter.  One-month after the due date a zero will be assigned for the paper. 


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