Dr. Patrick Ryan

CSI 1025F/G

CSI 1025G - Winter 2017
Introduction to Childhood and Social Institutions
Lectures: Mondays 9:30-11:30 (W 168)

Discussion Sessions: Mondays 11:30-12:30
DL 114, BH 107, LH220, and W178
E-mail:  pryan2@uwo.ca  
Ph:  433-0041 Ext. 4442
Office: DL 127
Hours: M, T 12:30-1:30; by appt.

Teaching Assistants: Jenna Strathearn, Adam Buczek, Allison Herrington
CSI Academic Information Secretary  -- Claire Hass
519-433-0041 x4360 -- claire.hass@kings.uwo.ca  -- DL 107


As an introduction to CSI at Kings' College, the course provides overview of the study of childhood in contemporary humanistic and social scientific disciplines. It focuses on the concept of childhood as it is socially, historically, and culturally constructed. Emphasis is given to understanding children's perspectives, the discursive and structural position of childhood in modern culture and social institutions.

Prerequisites: none

Antirequisites: The former Childhood and Social Institutions 1020.


Myra Bluebond-Langner, The Private Worlds of Dying Children (Princeton UP).

Sally McNamee, The Social Study of Childhood: An Introduction (Palgrave MacMillan).


It is impractical to offer email consultations on your essays.  If you need assistance, please visit me in DL 127 12:30-1:30pm M, T, or Th.  No appointment needed. 

Discussion Participation

20% (every week)

October Quiz

10% (Feb. 6)

Bluebond-Langner Review 35 % (Mar. 6)

Final Exam

35% (TBA April)


Students are expected to schedule appointments and other responsibilities around class time.  To be excused from discussion participation due to temporary illness, contact your discussion leader.  If health issues are prolonged, or to request more extensive academic accommodation, you must meet with the course instructor in person and provide documentation to the Dean's Office. 

Penalties for late papers may be avoided if extensions are requested in advance.  Otherwise, a two-mark deduction will be taken for each of the first three days late, and a 5-mark deduction for each day thereafter.  One-month after the due date a zero will be assigned for the paper. 



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