Dr. Patrick Ryan

Exam Instructions


Instructions:  Turn-off all portable electronic devices; store your bags at the edge of the exam room. 

You may use one 6x8 note card, but the exam is closed to all other notes.  Please clear your desk of materials other than the note card, exam sheet, booklet, and writing materials (you may also have a beverage for refreshment). 

OPEN-ENDED ESSAY QUESTIONS (30%)ONLY ONE of the following will appear on your exam.

1. Explain the significance of the claim that "children are social actors." 

2. How might seeing children as social actors and understanding childhood as discourse alter medical practices and rights to consent relative to children and youth?

3. What implications does contemporary consumer culture and marketing have for childhood and youth?

SHORT OR DIRECT QUESTIONS (70%):   10 questions that are in-depth versions of those from the quiz will appear on your exam.

The short questions will be drawn from readings and lectures in coordination with the keywords and lecture resources listed on this site.

Quiz Instructions:  Feb. 6 - 9:30-10:00 AM W 168

This short test will consist of ten short written questions.  They will be drawn from the course lectures and resources presented prior to the quiz - including the readings from McNamee Chapters 1-4, and Bluebond-Langner Chapters 1-2.

Students may find it helpful to consider four factors when studying.  Was it (this idea, fact, person, keyword, etc) emphasized in lecture?  Did the "Prof's Prompts" refer us to it?  Was it on the keyword list or lecture resources?  Did the McNamee textbook or the Bluebond-Langner study deal with it?   Words, concepts, facts, historical figures drawn from more than one of these four sources have an increased likelihood of being asked about on the quiz.