Dr. Patrick Ryan

CSI 2210F/G Childhood & Public Policy

We are fortunate to have the Kenny Theatre each Wednesday morning from 8:30-11:30 AM, because this room is large enough for all students to attend in-person while maintaining physical distancing guidelines. 

Although there may be changes to the health order, as we begin the Fall 2020 semester, CSI 2210 will be conducted as an ordinary in-person course and will use online media through OWL (as we normally do) to circulate information, to provide access to course resources, and to accommodate specific needs.

The first meeting will be Wednesday September 9 - in-person, with masks maintaining 6ft, in the Kenny Theatre.  See you soon. 

Professor Patrick Ryan 

Wednesday 8:30-11:30
KC 103 - Kenny Theatre

E-mail:  pryan2@uwo.ca  
Ph: 519-518-0370
Office: DL 127
Zoom Office Hours: T 1-2pm; Wed 12-1 pm
Follow-Up Discussion Zoom Hour: Thrusdays 6-7p


Teaching Assistant:  Mackenzie Mountford

class group email: csi_2210@uwo.ca CSI  Program Advisor: Laura Clarke
Tel: 519.433.3491 / 1.800-265.4406, ext. 4503


This course examines childhood and youth as they are structured by public policies in the areas of health care, labour, education, and related institutions. Historical, ethnographic, discursive, and structural approaches are used to explore how childhood is enacted, contested, and produced.

Prerequisites: CSI 1020 or 1025f/g, registration in the second year of the Childhood and Social Institutions Program, or permission of the CSI Program Coordinator.

Antirequisites: CSI 2200.

LEARNING OUTCOMES:  CSI 2210 contributes to Program Learning Outcomes for the Major (M) and Honours Specialization (H) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, and 11.  Click here for a full description of each outcome. 


Myra Bluebond-Langner, The Private Worlds of Dying Children (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1980).

A dozen or so articles available here.



Paper #1 (3 pages)


Oct. 4, 2020

Paper #2 (3 pages)


Nov. 4, 2020

Paper #3 (3 pages)


Dec. 8, 2020


Due to the unusual demands of COVID-19 public health orders, we will not have a marked or recorded participation element in this course. This does not change the relationship between homework, reading, attendence, preparations, learning, and academic success. I strongly encourage you to remain engaged with the course.  Communicate with me and the teaching assistant as needed. Ask questions in whatever media we have to work through. I am on 'your side' through this situation, but that will not matter as much as your own efforts.

Since we are meeting every Wednesday morning, it is expected that students will schedule all appointments and other responsibilities to avoid conflicts with the course.  If health issues demand a  prolonged absence, or if you require other academic accommodation, you must speak with us and provide documentation to the Dean's Office.  

If you would like to record any element of this course you may do so (or I may even provide you with a recording) but only under the following stipulations. (1) You ask me and explain why this will benefit you; (2) I agree; (3) the recording is not circulated, nor used for any purpose other than your educational benefit. There are numerous reasons for these limitations, but one is often poorly understood and is the most important to me: your development. Recording side-steps the challenge of operating in real-time. The world is not entirely within the smartphone (yet) and developing your ability to function without recording every darn moment, living in the face-to-face now outside virtual situations & social media continues to be of great importance.

DUE DATES:  I have no desire to penalize students and I do not believe this is the proper way to motivate people. Penalties for late papers may be avoided if extensions are requested in advance. That said, a two-mark deduction will be taken for each of the first three days late, and a 5-mark deduction for each day thereafter.  Two-weeks after the due date or at the conclusion of the term (which ever is first) a zero will be assigned for the paper.  

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