Dr. Patrick Ryan

Blended Lecture/Discussion Sessions

1. Blended, Synchronic Course Delivery:

We will hold class as one cohort (all students) in the Kenny Theatre each Wednesday morning. 

The Wednesday meetings will also be viewable via Zoom and the PowerPoints will be available online through OWL.  The Course Calendar includes lecture resources that can be reviewed asynchronically to assist students - particularly when they write papers. 

The blended mode (online and in-person) is being delivered synchronically to increase access given the pandemic context, but I encourage healthy students to attend class in-person. That said, the potential for unique problems is vast and I will not be monitoring your attendance or participation for assessment purposes. You do not need to explain why you were or were not in the Kenny Theatre, but of course - there is a relationship between in-person attendence, engagement, learning, and academic success. 

2. In-Lecture Discussions:

Each Wednesday we will discuss the readings in the Kenny Theatre. I have not worked out the logistical details for doing this, but however it plays out it will rely on you doing several things every week:

a. Complete the weekly reading and exercise given on the Course Calendar.

b. Compose 1 question about or comment upon the readings. 

c. Have the readings, your question, and the exercise notes with you.

d. Participate in the discussion.

3. Thursday Evening Follow-up Zoom Discussions with the TA:

Each Thursday from 6PM-7PM our TA, Mackenzie Mountford, will hold an voluntary (not required or expected), discussion session via Zoom. This extra element of the course is offered in-light of the potential challenges of our on-campus and online learning environments.  You might experience a loss of connection, or you might have struggled to hear something, or you might need to miss a week because you are waiting on COVID-19 test results. There are so many scenarios. 

The Thursday Zoom is simply an extra step should you find it helpful.