Dr. Patrick Ryan

Discussion Instructions

1. Blended, Synchronic Course Delivery:

We will hold class as one cohort (all students) in the Wemple Student Lounge every Tuesday Afternoon. 

The Tuesday meetings will also be viewable via Zoom and the PowerPoints will be available online through OWL.  The Course Calendar includes lecture resources that can be reviewed asynchronically to assist students - particularly when they write papers. 

The blended mode (online and in-person) is being delivered synchronically to increase access given the pandemic context, but I encourage healthy students to attend class in-person. That said, the potential for unique problems is vast and I will not be monitoring your attendance or participation for assessment purposes. You do not need to explain why you were or were not in the Wemple Lounge, but of course - there is a relationship between in-person attendence, engagement, learning, and academic success. 

2. Weekly Reading, Questions, and Discussion:

Each week you will be asked to read, and to bring 2 questions about the readings to class and share them.  Some weeks you will also be asked to complete a brief exercise in preparation for discussion. Reading, sharing questions, and completing these exercise will not be 'marked' (due to the potential difficulties we may experience due to the pandemic), but these tasks prepare you to write successful papers and - less we forget - to construct a deeper understanding of the issues raised in the course.