Dr. Patrick Ryan

CYS 3313F/G Research Using Discourse Analysis

Winter 2024   

Dr. Patrick Ryan, 433-0041 Ext. 4442, pryan2@uwo.ca

Thursdays 11:30a to 2:30p

 Office Hours: Wemple 255, Thursdays 10a-11a or by appointment


 CYS Academic Program Advisor: Jessica Sommers x4503

An advanced seminar on the research methodologies of discourse analysis. Students will analyze literature, locate texts, assemblages, or media available for applying the key concepts of discourse analysis to childhood and youth.

Students will produce a research proposal using discourse analysis which they may apply to implement in their fourth year as a senior research project.

3 seminar hours; Prerequisites: CYS 1025F/G and any CYS course at the 2200 level.

6 articles made available on the course calendar.

10 articles located by the student and approved by the instructor.  

The assignments for this course are iterative. The first ones are included into the next ones, and so forth.

The annotated bibliography defines the material for the literature review. The literature review (revised) makes up about 71% of the research proposal's word count and provides the intellectual basis for the entire proposal. The question statement must be a result of the analysis of the literature. The question justifies the textual boundaries, methodology, logistical plan for the proposal. These are all submitted in succession during March, revised and put together with the bibliography and critical review to make the research proposal complete by early April.

Afterwards, the proposal becomes the starting point for CYS 4403E or CYS 4404F/G should you so choose. Research is a process of construction; it is iterative.

Home Work


Jan. 18 and 25/Feb. 1 and 15

 Discussion Participation


Every Week

 Annotated Bibliography


 February 8, 2024

Critical Literature Review
(2,500 words)
25% Febrary 29, 2024
Research Question Statement
(100 words max)
5% March 7, 2024
Text Boundary Statement
(300 words)
5% March 14, 2024
Methodological Justification
(600 words)
5% March 21, 2024
Logistical Statement
(300 words)
5% March 28, 2024
Research Proposal
(3,700 - 4,000 words)
30% April 4, 2024

Students are expected to schedule appointments and other responsibilities around class time. Home work and discussion is something a student either does or doesn't do at the times these things happen. There is no late policy or exceptions for them. Everyone gets one absence and one missed homework without penalty.  The approach to late assignments for the research proposal is more accommodating and is outlined below.

Penalties for late papers or projects may be avoided if extensions are requested in advance. Otherwise, a two-mark deduction will be taken for each of the first five days it is late (including weekends). After 5-days without communication, a zero will be assigned. 

Any usage of artificial intelligence or language generation or translation applications by students to complete assigned work for this course must be approved by the instructor and noted by the student in the submitted work itself. Writing text and then feeding it into a computer application to improve or translate your own words, changing a few words, and then submitting this text as if it was your own constitutes plagiarism. You must compose text, choose words, construct logic flow, structure sentences and paragraphs to organize, synthesize, interpret information with your own mind. When you borrow language or ideas from another person or from a machine this must be acknowledged with quotation marks and/or citations.

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