Dr. Patrick Ryan

Methodological Justication

CYS 3313F/G - Methodological Justification - 5% - Due March 21, 2024

Write a methodological justification of 2 or 3 pages.

This week I also ask you to read and bring questions about an essay exemplifying the application of discourse analytics to the law.

A methodological justification explains what you plan to do with the documents you have identified for analysis. What conceptual tools do you plan to use while reading these texts for their discursive features, and why might this help you answer your research question(s)?

You should be able to apply some of the conceptual tools that we covered in the weeks devoted to conversations and interviews (Feb 29), visual and literary productions (Mar 7), law and rule (Mar 14), policy and practice (Mar 21), and social media environments (Mar 28).