Dr. Patrick Ryan

Question Statement Instructions

CYS 3313G - Question Statement Instructions - 5% - Due March 7, 2024

Write a statement of no more than 100 words stating your proposed research question

This week I also ask you to read and bring questions about an essay exemplifying the application of discourse analytics to the arts.

A good research question comes from an existing problem, ommission, disagreement in the literature. So, your research question should extend directly from the claims you made in the literature review. What question, if answered, might answer part of the issue you identified in your review? Can you connect your questions to the discursive structure of childhood (authenticity, development, socialization, and politics)? 

This doesn't have to be some grand breakthrough in the history of knowledge. Try to think a question that you could feasibly address with the tools of discourse analysis and the texts that you might be able to access.