Dr. Patrick Ryan

Research Proposal Instructions

CYS 3313G - Research Proposal - Due April 4, 2024 (30%)

Compile the previous assignments, and revise them based on the instructors comments, and submit a research proposal between 3,700 and 4,000 words (not counting the bibligraphy).

The headings of the Research Proposal should appear in this order.

I. Research Question
II. Literature Review
III. Methodology
IV. Research Plan

The Research Question is a revision of the assignment by the same name in light of what you learned locating primary resources and considering the comments you recieved on the literature review and other assignments.

The Literature Review should be about 2,500 words. It is a revision of the assignment by the same name. Much of the evaluation of it will compare the first draft and the second in light of recommendations offered by the instructor.

The Methodology should be about 900-1,000 words and combine the Textual Boundary Statement (March 14) and Methodological Justification (March 21). In this section you should explain what you are proposing to do with the documents, and why it will help you answer your research question. You should utilize the four discourses of modern childhood, the text-discourse relation, and what you learned about applying the concepts of DA to your choosen material whether they are conversations, artistic productions, legal, institutional, or policy documents or records, or texts produced by social media or related platforms.  

The Research Plan should be brief - 1 or 2 pages that outlines where the evidence is located and what you would need to do to get it. 

Here is a link to the style I would like you to use and the marking rubric we will use.