Dr. Patrick Ryan

Text Boundary Statement Instructions

CYS 3313F/G - Text Boundary Statement Instructions - 5% - Due March 14, 2024

Write a statement from 1 to 2 pages defining and locating the primary source materials (the texts) you propose to submit to analysis to answer your research question.  Justify why this choice is a reasonable and feasible one.

This week I also ask you to read and bring questions about an essay exemplifying the application of discourse analytics to the conversations.

There is a bit of a 'chicken and egg' issue with this assignment; you have to imagine the appropriate texts for pursuing your question before you actually find or read those documents.  Here are some steps you can take to make the job less disorienting.

1. Does this material fit into the categories we focus upon in March?

-Literary or Visual Arts?
-Conversations and Interviews?
-Court Decision, Legislation, or Bylaws?
-Policy Directives, White Papers, Institutional Records and Practices?

2. Name the genre, media, and uses of texts you are after. 

-Are they fictional or creative works?
-Are they visual, written, audio?
-Are you looking for published materials, or unpublished records?
-Can you find them online, or will you need to go places and see people?
-Are they produced by an institution - schools, courts, governments?
-Are you creating them (e.g. interviews, surveys) - and therefore is it access to people that you need? 

3. Talk to a research librarian and your instructor about where such things might be found, and what you might find within them.

4. Try to get just one.