Dr. Patrick Ryan

CYS 4420F/G/Z Nordic Exchange Seminar

Summer Intersession - May 2023

Held at Kings College May 8 - 12
Held at Malmo University May 21 - 25

CYS Program Advisor: Taylor Bigham
Tel: 519.433.3491 / 1.800-265.4406, ext. 4503

Dr. Patrick Ryan
E-mail:  pryan2@uwo.ca
Ph:   519-518-0370

Office: DL 127
Hours: M-W, 12:00-12:45p
or by Appointment
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This is a limited-enrollment, international exchange seminar in with a travel component. It brings together students studying childhood and youth at Kings College and a University in a Nordic country (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, or Iceland). We compare childhood in these respective regions as it is situated in social institutions.

Antirequisite(s): The former Childhood and Social Institutions 3395A/B if taken in 2015-16, 2016-17, or 2017-18.


Todd May, The Philosophy of Michel Foucault (McGill-Queens Press, 2006).  Available at the Bookstore.

P. Ryan, 
"How New is the 'New' Social Studies of Childhood? The Myth of a Paradigm Shift," Journal of Interdisciplinary History, vol. 38, no. 4 (Spring, 2008): 553-576.

P. Ryan, "The 'government of heroic women': childhood, discipline, and the discourse of poverty -  'Kontrolle durch heroische Frauen': Kindheit, Disziplin und der Armustsdiskurs," in Bildungsgeschichte – International Journal for the Historiography of Education vol. 7, no. 2 (2017): 173-190.

J. Qvarsebo and T. Axelsson, "Are we constructing Lutherans, people with Values, or US citizens?" Foucault and the Politics of Confession in Education edited by Andreas Fejes and Katherine Nicoll (Routledge, 2015): 146-158.

J. Qvarsebo, "The Moral Regime of Norm Critical Pedagogics - new ways of governing the Swedish pre-school child," Critical Studies in Education (March 2019): 1-15.


MARKING SYSTEM (for Canadian Students):

Engagment:  50%

Daily Exercises:  50%


This is a unique exchange opportunity that is not easily amenable to absence, but the first rule is communicate with your instructor as soon as you have knowledge of an issue.


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